Dolní Kounice, 2007

This little little town in Moravia is the birthplace of my grandfather, born March 21, 1875. His father was a k.u.k. gendarme who married into the wine growers family Misař. In the clip you also see the Jewish cemetary; the synagoge has been reconstructed. The former Austrian chanceller Bruno Kreisky is of Kounice origin (Kanitz). Kounice is a very special place, with rich history going back more than tousand years (monastery). 

Isme, 2011

Sailing cruise from Prevedza via Ithaca, Zakyntos, Pelopones, Kythira to Crete: unexpected advanture and experience thanks to Peter Stierlin, the co-builder and co-owner of the wonderful boat (17 meters long).

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