My subject: how to explain to you that I don’t belong to English though I belong nowhere else.

Gustavo Pérez Firmas, Bilingual Blues

▶︎ AUF DEN HUND GEKOMMEN 📚 (in German only)

Beobachtungen eines streunenden Hundes in einer schweizerischenKleinstadt

Echo auf Vorabdruck: "In seinem amüsanten und inspirierten Text streicht Georg Aeberhard vom Bücherschrank ausgehend durch unsere Kleinstadt… Köstlich, diese Geschichte…”


▶︎ Short Stories  

▶︎ Kurzgeschichten  


▶︎ Rien Ne Va Plus: One Life’s Coincidences 📚

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"Rien Ne Va Plus is a collection of individual coincidences which are lined up in chronological order but may be read by themselves. The stories reach from Prague to San Francisco; they are biographical, each one telling of a unique occurrence, sometimes short as an anecdote, sometimes a full story several pages long

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▶︎  “Rien Ne Va Plus” release clip (01:11)

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